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European Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity


- Are you going to graduate in a bachelor program in the Sport Science area?

- Would you like to gain a master degree in the Preventive and Adapted Physical Activity area?

- Do you wish to join an international dimension?

- Are you looking for a demanding but high level study program with at least 30 - ECTS out of 120 ECTS earned in two different European Universities and organized in 3-week intensive modules as well as taught by internationally well-known academics in the field?
- Would you prefer a second-level degree jointly awarded by three European countries (Italy, Norway and Austria) and recognised as equivalent degree in Denmark and Germany?


What it is the European Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity

The University of Rome “Foro Italico”, an Italian state university excelling in the Sport Science studies, in consortium with the Norwegian School of Sport Science in Oslo (NOR), the University of Vienna (AUT), the University of Southern Denmark in Odense (DEN) and the German Sport University in Cologne (GER), leading European Universities in the field, offers a 2-year European Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity (120 ECTS). The program is carried out in English and successful students will be awarded a joint European certificate plus single or double national second level degrees (that are equally valid in Italy as well as in the other European countries).

The development of the program, coordinated by the University of Rome “Foro Italico”, has set out targets favoring the convergence of European Higher Education systems and the creation of an European Higher Education Area. It responds to the need of creating international university programs, whose structure includes studying periods abroad and guarantees an education towards both high professional opportunities and research activities, by making use of regular curricular internships. Master graduates in Health and Physical Activity shall be able to integrate at high level their knowledge of movement sciences, into biomedical, psycho-pedagogical and sociological ones and, in particular, pertaining the use of movement science in the preventive and rehabilitative area, in different age groups.

Who can apply

Graduates in the Sport Science area are eligible to enter the European Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity: in this case they already meet minimum requirements  and they have only to pass the entrance examination. Graduates in different degree courses, shall have earned at least 28 ECTS (12 ECTS in the biomedical area, 12 ECTS in Physical Education/ Sport/Movement science  and Kinesiology area and 4 ECTS in the psychological – pedagogical –sociological areas) in order to be admitted to the selection  and, of course, to pass the entrance examination.

Also those students who are going to graduate in the fall session are admitted to the entrance examination. However, their enrolment will be accepted on a provisional basis and will be confirmed only if the degree is obtained 30 November.

How entrance examination will be carried out

Entrance examination, scheduled in July (date TBA), will be in English and organized in two parts:

a) evaluation of each candidate’s study curriculum;

b) only candidates in possession of minimum requirements can enter the second part, consisting of an online test to ascertain their basic knowledge of topics related to preventive and adapted physical activity  and of an interview on the above topics and on their motivation. Their proficiency in English will be also tested.


Needed documentation

You will need to fill out and get ready specific documentation (Application form, Curriculum), that can be downloaded from websites and where you can also find detailed information about entrance requirements and the program. These documents, in addition to the pre-enrolment procedure indicated in the official announcement, shall be received by the European Master Board by deadline in compliance with the conditions published on the above mentioned websites.