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Parisi PaoloHuman biologist and geneticist. Professor of Biology and Rector of the University of Rome “Foro Italico” (IUSM), where he also served as Vice Rector for International Affairs and President of the Evaluation Committee.
Previously, Chair of Biology, Department of Public Health, University of Rome-Tor Vergata (1984-2001), and associated with Rome's Mendel Institute (1960-1992) and several other institutions, including the University of California, where he was Regents Professor in Behavior Genetics in the 1970s.
Contributed to several topics in human biology, particularly twin research in reproduction and development, and later the genetic and cell biology correlates of sport and exercise in health and aging. Author of science textbooks and essays on biology and culture; editor of some twenty volumes and two international journals on twin research and human growth. Organiser of several congresses, including the First, Third and Sixth International Congresses of Twin Studies (1974, 1980, 1989), the First International Congress of Auxology (1977), and the Fourth European Congress of Sport Science (1999).
Secretary General, International Society for Twin Studies (1974-1995); Editor, Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia (1983-1997), where he directed educational and cultural programs on sport and health, and the human body in science and culture. Foundation Vice President, International Gymnastics Federation; President, European College of Sport Science (2001-2003). Coordinator, European Master in Health and Physical Activity, and other internationalisation programs. Grant holder and coordinator of three EU intervention projects promoting the university reform and internationalisation in the area of sport and health science, in Egypt, Albania and the Balkans. Golden Star to Sport Merit, Italian Olympic Committee; Doctor H.c. in sport science, University of Tirana; Member, Jerusalem Committee.

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