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Pesce CaterinaGraduate in Physical Education at the Higher State Institute of Physical Education of Rome, degree in Psychology at the University of Rome ”La Sapienza”, degree in Sport Sciences at the Rome University of Movement Science, Ph.D. at the Free University of Berlin. Previously, PE teacher at Italian public schools, research and teaching co-operator at the Rome Higher State Institute of PE (Rhythmic gymnastics, Physiology and Psychology) and at the Sport Science Inst. of the Italian Olympic Committee.
Currently, researcher at the Rome University of Movement Science (Methods and techniques for motor activities), Department of Education in Sport and Human Motion. Teaching in physical activity for children and adolescents and for the elderly in undergraduate and postgraduate national courses (Rome University of Movement Science, Catanzaro University ‘Magna Graecia’) and in European programs (in Preventive and Adapted Physical Activity - 2002/04, in Physical activity in Children and Adolescents – 2004/05, in Health and Physical Activity - 2006/08). Research activity focused on the behavioral and psychophysiological assessment of the relationship between exercise and cognitive functioning in special populations and skilled athletes, and member of an international network focused on ‘exercise and cognition’. Invited lectures in Denmark, Germany, and Spain concerning motor development and learning in youth, youth ergogenic aids abuse, cognitive psychology in sport games. Referee for psychological and neuropsychological international journals. Experience in applied educational projects and dissemination of research results. Long experience as translator of books and articles concerning motor and sport science.

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