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Aix Marseille University – Institute of Movement Sciences
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Temprado Jean JacquesJean Jacques Temprado is full Professor at the Aix-Marseille University in Marseille, France (http://www.univmed.fr/). He’s member of the Institute of Movement Sciences that is, a big pluri-disciplinary lab studying human motor performance (http://www.laps.univ-mrs.fr/). Specialist of behavioral neurosciences, he worked for a long time on bimanual and interlimb coordination in the theoretical context of nonlinear dynamic systems. In this framework, he significantly contributed to understanding of the relationships between attention, intention and bimanual coordination. Since few years, Prof J.J. Temprado works on sensorimotor and cognitive aging in the framework of complexity and dynamical systems theories. He’s involved in different research programs on posture and gait, cognitive and sensorimotor processes during normal aging and frailty, physical activity and cognition. He’s also involved in the creation of the center of resources on “Sport, Elderly, Health and Technologies” in Marseille.

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