The application to participate to the selection shall be presented no later than 24 July 2017 – at 13.00:

a) to the respective consortium head office (www.europeanmasterhpa.it) following local procedures. Candidates from non-consortium countries shall present their application to the head office in Rome;

and at the same time:

b) on-line by filling in proper form following the link from our website : http://www.uniroma4.it

in "Utilità" click on “Accesso Studenti e docenti” -> then in "Area Riservata". First, you will need to register to use the system. During registration you will be asked to provide your personal data. You will then have to take note or stamp your username and password necessary for next steps. From now on you will be able to enter website to complete your application. After logging in, access “segreteria”, then “test di ammissione” and proceed with the enrolment. In this phase all required documents must be attached in pdf format.
The selection fee for students applying to the University of Rome “Foro Italico” is € 60,00 (€ 58,97 for organizational and administrative expenses, € 1,03 for accident insurance) and it is to be paid by bank transfer to the university bank account (cod. IBAN IT92B0569603215000004910X56; BIC/SWIFT POSOIT22XXX). Students from partner universities are subject to local rules. The selection fee shall not be reimbursed under any circumstances.
In case of no payment, candidates will be excluded from the selection process. Candidates who do not hold the required qualification at the time of application, can enrol if they expect to gain the qualification no later than 30 November 2017, by hypothesizing possess of qualification.