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University of Vienna - Faculty of Sport Science
Auf der Schmelz 6, 1150 Wien, Austria

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Wessner BarbaraMolecular biologist with a strong background in nutritional science and immunology. Previously, Research Associate and lecturer at the Medical University of Vienna (1999-2006), now entrusted with the task to establish and manage a molecular biology laboratory at the Department of Sports and Exercise Physiology located at the Institute of Sports Sciences at the University of Vienna which aims to study molecular, cellular, physiological and integrative processes of normal and altered skeletal muscle during health, ageing and disease. Main research topics include the influence of nutritive antioxidants on the cellular redox potential, assessment of the antioxidative status in critically ill patients, improvement of the muscular performance of elderly persons, application of microarray-technology for the characterisation of effects of human growth hormone on blood mononuclear cells in healthy, active subjects, and influence of age, gender, and strength training on human muscle microRNA expression.


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