Not less than 90% attendance for each module is strictly required. Delays or absence can be tolerated for exceptional reasons but must be notified and replaced by a specific assignment. Repeated absence or delay, and generally lack of adequate participation may cause dismissal.


In the first year, exams will be held at the beginning of the next Module through the evaluation of written essays and other tutor-assisted procedures. The Italian and ECTS rating systems will be adopted. There will be one exam, and a corresponding mark, for each Module, combining various study subjects. The average of individual marks will provide the baseline for the final graduation mark.


In case of failure, an exam can be repeated. In case of a second failure, a final attempt is allowed, but in front of a Special Commission. After three failures, or in case no adequate participation to the program is shown, or in case of unacceptable behaviour, the Faculty may decide to dismiss a student, with a certification of the exams passed and credits obtained.