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*Please note that timetables may undergo minor changes. From October 15th, 2019 , only the information available in the Moodle Learning Platform (Piattaforma di SupportoDidattico) of the University of Rome Foro Italico will be updated. Enrolled students are invited to check them regularly entering: https://learnroma4.cineca.it/ 

Module 1 “Biomedical Issues in Health and Exercise”

There is an expectation that students attending will have a basic knowledge of the integrative biology of exercise and descriptive statistics. 

Please read the articles provided below and, if needed,  take advantage of the following tools:

pdf Egan & Zierath      pdf Hawley

Introduction to descriptive statistics


For an introduction to the keynote lecture “ Role of glycogen in skeletal muscle function and Ion Regulation: Location, location, location” delivered by Prof. Niels Ørtenblad during the Opening, students are encouraged to read the following articles